PITCH workshop

pitch workshop TPZ

Participants will get knowledge how to prepare, write and present their business idea.

Workshop will consist of 3 parts:

  1. Writing – basic of pitching, good pitching examples and what can we learn from it, introducing the pitch writing tools, writing the pitch, text evaluation, loud reading in front of class and revision.
  2. Pitching live – how to perform, what is important in different situations (meeting, networking event, stage or even in mail…), pitching live in front of class, revision, improving and finalising the text.
  3. Visuals – why visuals and what matters, good examples, pitching live in front of class with visuals, revision, creation and finalisation visuals.

We will analise best practices and then go over the writing, pitching/presenting and visual support.

There will be practice (at least 50% of the workshop) where the goal is to have a perfect pitch in the end of the workshop and be ready to pitch anywhere.

Predavač: Peter Bruner

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